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The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program supports leaders and specialists from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan by granting them scholarships for one year of complementary studies in Poland.

The Program has been in continuous operation since the year 2000. It has helped almost 790 people to develop their professional skills, which has allowed them to, for example, implement ISO standards in Berdyansk’s city hall, revive a local museum in Zaslavl, and establish law clinics at universities in Belarus.

We offer multifaceted developmental support: individual study programs under the care of specialists, professional internships and participation in conferences, training courses, purchase of subject-relevant literature, and the possibility of implementing mini social projects.

It is aimed at preparing the grantees for their stay in Poland by familiarizing them with the language and introducing them to the Polish realities. Additionally, one of the objectives of the Program is also to integrate people from different countries, with different experiences, educational background and views. A part of the orientation session is the official inauguration ceremony of the Program, which takes place at a university organizing such session.

After the end of the orientation program, the grantees spend two semesters in one of the five academic centers pursuing an individual academic program. The Polish language courses organized in particular cities are also a fixed point of the academic program.



mapaDuring the academic year, the grantees participate four times in the integration and technical meetings that are held in different cities of affiliation. The purpose of the "meetings" is to tighten contacts between the grantees - which is aimed at improving their further collaboration and enabling them to get to know various cities / regions of Poland.

Professional internships are organized by academic coordinators and advisors in the second term of the program. The majority of people decide to do 2- or 3-week internships, but there have also been cases of internships that lasted over a month, in a few different institutions.

The highlight of the Kirkland Program is writing and defending the diploma project. The diploma project consists of two term papers, which the grantees are obliged to write at the end of each semester. The length of the paper (min. 50 pages) as well as the deadline for its submission to the academic advisor are stipulated in the terms of appointment signed with the grantee. The diploma thesis defenses take place at particular universities, usually at the end of May and in the first half of June. The diploma thesis defense consists of the following stages: first the grantee presents his/her diploma project for about 10 minutes (i.e. purpose, sources, thesis, conclusions) and then answers two supplementary questions connected with the presentation. The level of the projects is high; on average 75 per cent of the grantees get an "A".

The diploma ceremony at the end of the Program always takes place in Warsaw. It offers a perfect opportunity for the grantees to meet persons involved in the economic transformations in Poland, representatives of the Parliament, government and embassies of their countries. Irena Kirkland, a widow of the late patron of the Program, was invited to participate in the official ending ceremony of the 2001/2002 Program edition. In the subsequent years, the guests invited for the said ceremony included, among others, Leszek Balcerowicz, Bronisław Komorowski, Adam Daniel Rotfeld i Bogdan Borusewicz.

In September 2016 a new pilot path under the Kirkland Program called Kirkland Research Program was launched. It offers short-term research and scientific internships for persons who already enjoy an established scientific position. The one-semester studies entail individual research work under the guidance of a tutor, the effect of which is to prepare a research paper.
In the current academic year, 4 more people from Ukraine have received a Kirkland Research scholarship and are studying at universities in Cracow, Poznań, Lublin and Wrocław. All Kirkland Research scholars have a PhD and work as lecturers at universities in Ukraine.


Competition for the Kirkland Scholarships 2019/2020 WAS COMPLETED BY MARCH 1st, 2019

Objectives and history of the Program


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